Monday, 25 March 2013

Fairy Perfect - PTU

I am using the art of Anna Marine which you can find HERE
I am using the PTU Scrapkit Bundle Marine Package 43 by Foxy's Designz and you can find that HERE
This is tut number 1 of 3 using the package
Mask of Choice
Font of Choice

Open a new image 600x600
Open Element 14 and paste as a new layer - Resize by 70 - Sharpen and position in the centre
Click inside the sparkle frame with your magic wand
Selections - Modify - Expand by 4
Open Paper 10 and paste as a new layer
Open the close up and position in the frame
Selections - Invert - Delete - Select None and move both the tube and paper layer under the frame
Change the blend mode of the tube to Overlay
Open Frame 5 and paste - Resize by 60 - Sharpen
Position this below the white frame
Open Element 15 and paste - Resize this by 40 - Sharpen
Position on the bottom left of the frame
Duplicate - Image - Mirror - Position on the top left of the frame
Open Element 16 and paste - Resize by 20 - Sharpen More
Position in the middle left of the frame
Open Element 40 and paste as a new layer
Resize by 80 - Sharpen and send to the bottom
Duplicate - Image - Mirror - Image - Flip - Merge together

Open Paper 3 and paste as a new layer
Send to the bottom and apply a round mask of choice - Merge Group
Add drop shadows to your layers - Merge Visible
Add correct copyright and licence information - Merge Down
Save as a png - Add your name - Save again - Done

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