Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Daisy Dares - PTU

I am using the art of KT Bryan which you can find HERE I am using Lysira's part of the Exclusive Store Collab Lughnassad, you can find this HERE Mask of Choice Font of Choice Filters Used: Xero - Porcelain, Default, set blue to 0 Open a new image 700x700 Open Curtain 1 and paste as a new layer on your canvas Position towards the top of your canvas See my tag for placement Open Stamp Frame 2 and paste as a new layer Image - Rotate - Free Rotate - 90 - Left Resize by 80 and Sharpen Position underneath the curtain and move towards the top so the frames look like windows Erase the bits hanging over the edge of the curtains Open the tube you are using and paste on your canvas Position in the centre of the curtains Apply Xero - Porcelain at the settings above Open Fan 2 and paste on your canvas Resize by 45 and Sharpen Position on the bottom of the tube Layers - Duplicate - Image - Rotate - Free Rotate - 40 Left Position on the right hand side of the original frame Duplicate again and rotate 40 to the right When happy with positioning, Merge these layers together Grab your selection tool Click on the frame layer Draw a rectangle selection covering the middle of the frames Layers - New Raster layer - Floodfill with a pattern of Paper 6 When happy - Select None Move under the frame layer Open Harlequin Flower 1 on your canvas Image - Rotate - Free Rotate - 45 - Left Click on the paper layer and paste the harlequin flower on your canvas Position in the frame on the right hand side Layers - Duplicate - Image - Mirror Grab the eraser tool and erase the sides of the flowers Merge the flower layers together Open Butterfly 2 onto your canvas Resize by 70 and Sharpen Position on the left side of the curtain Layers - Duplicate - Image - Mirror Merge these layers together Copy and paste Paper 11 onto your canvas Send to the bottom and apply a mask of choice Merge Group Duplicate Merge Down Apply drop shadows to your layers Merge visible Apply the correct copyright and licence numbers Merge Visible Save as a png Add your name Save again Done!

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