Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Cherished Memories - PTU

I am using a kit by Gemini Creations called Cherish which you can find HERE I am using the gorgoeus tube by Zindy which you can find HERE Mask of Choice Font of Choice Filters Used: Eye Candy 4 - Gradient Glow - Width 3 and colour - a darker colour from your tube Open a new image 700x700 Open the tube you are using and minimise for now Open Frame 4 and paste on your canvas Add Gradient Glow at the settings above using a darker colour to make the frame stand out a little bit Click inside the frame with your magic wand and modify by 4 Paste your tube on your working canvas and position Duplicate and hide for now Selections - Invert - Delete on the tube layer Move under the frame Unhide the duplicated tube and making sure its at the top Grab your eraser tool and erase and overhanging parts of the tube Open Balloon and paste on your canvas Resize this by 75 and sharpen Send to the bottom and move to the top left of the frame Making sure its peeking over the top so you can see it Duplicate - Image - Mirror - Merge Down I adjusted the colour on mine Open Glitter Splatter and paste on your canvas Send to the bottom Duplicate 5 times and position one above the other Merge these together and add a mask of choice Merge Group Open Paper 7 and paste as a new layer Send to the bottom and add a mask of choice Merge Group Open Bow 3 and paste on your Canvas Resize this by 40 and Sharpen Apply the same Gradient Glow as before Position this on the bottom of the frame Open Stringtag and paste as a new layer Place on the bottom right of your frame Move under all the layers Apply the same gradient glow as the frame and bow layers Apply drop shadow to the other layers without gradient glow Merge all layers visible Add correct copyright and licence information Save as a png Add ya name Done!


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  2. nice tag lisa,have a beautiful weekend!! kisses :)