Monday, 12 April 2010

Rock Star

I am using the art of Ismael Rac which you can find HERE I am using the FTUkit Rock Angel by Jenny which you can find HERE Mask of Choice Font of Choice Open a new image 400x500 Open Guitar Charm2 and Paste on your Canvas Resize by 80 and Sharpen Click inside the frame with your magic wand Modify by 3 Open the tube you are using and resize if necessary Duplicate and hide for now Selections - Invert - Delete Move the tube underneath your charm Un-Hide the duplicated tube Grab your eraser tool and erase any overhangng tube parts Click inside the frame again with your magic wand Modify by 4 Open paper 1 and Paste on your Canvas Selections - Invert - Delete - Select None Move under the Charm and tube layer Effects - Texture Effects - Blinds Width 3 - Opacity - 20 - Colour White - Both boxes checked - OK Open staple star and paste on your canvas Resize by 80 - Sharpen Use your deform tool and angle to the right Place on the bottom right of the charm Duplicate and Mirror - Place on the top right of the charm Open paper2 and paste on your Canvas Send to the bottom and add a mask of choice Add Drop Shadow to every layer Merge layers visible Add Correct Copyright and Licence Numbers Done


  1. LOVE it hunni got its posted on my blog too and I got the tags ppl created from ur tuts too :) they look awesome!!!!! great work hunni

  2. You are so very welcome Jenny!!!
    I agree, the tags people have made using your kits n my tuts are fantastic!!!