Monday, 12 April 2010

Rainbow Dreams

Artwork @ Sharron Wiley In order to use her fantastic art you must purchase it from HERE I am using the art of Sharron Wiley which you can find HERE I am using the PTU kit Kiwi Fantasy by MsWitchyPoo which you can find HERE Mask of Choice Font of Choice Open a new image 400x500 Open ele6 and Paste on your Canvas Resize by 70 and Sharpen Place in the centre of your canvas Open ele13 and Paste on the Canvas Resize by 20 and Sharpen More Duplicate 5 more times Place on the red spots on the mushroom Merge These layers together Open the tube you are using Resize if necessary Place in front of the mushroom I put mine to the right Open ele5 and Paste on the Canvas Resize by 90 and Sharpen Layers - Duplicate - Image - Mirror Merge Down Send to the bottom Click inside the mushroom window with your magic wand Modify by 6 Open paper14 and paste on your canvas Selections - Invert - Delete - Select None Move under the mushroom Open paper12 and paste on the canvas Send to the bottom and add a mask of choice Merge Group Add a Drop Shadow to every layer Merge layers visible Add Correct Copyright and Licence Numbers Done!


  1. ty but i can't understand what you are writing!