Monday, 29 April 2013

Punishment - FTU

 I am using the art of Rossana Castellino which you can find HERE
I am using the FTU The Punishment Sampler by Gothic Inspirations which you can find HERE
Font of Choice

Filters Used:
Xero - Fritillary - 5, 52, 24, 46
Eye Candy - Gradient Glow - White 6

Open a new image 600x600
Open Frame 4 and paste - Resize by 70 - Sharpen and position in the centre
Click inside with your magic wand - Selections - Modify - Expand by 5
Open Paper 4 and paste as a new layer - Position - Selections - Invert - Delete - Select None and move under the frame
Apply Fritillary at the settings above
Open your main tube as a new layer - Position slightly to the right of the frame
Open Leaves - Resize by 60 and then by 80 - Sharpen
Position under the tube to the left
Duplicate twice more and position one on top of the other
Merge these 3 layers together
Click on the paper layer and Open Bling
Resize by 80 - Sharpen and position toward the top
Open Tree - Resize by 65 - Sharpen - Image - Mirror and position under the frame
Open WordArt and paste as a new layer - Resize by 60 - Sharpen - Apply Gradient Glow at the settings above
Position at the top of the tag
Open Frame 1 - Resize by 80 - Sharpen and send to the bottom

Add drop shadows to your layers - Merge Visible
Add correct copyright and licence information - Merge Down
Save as a png - Add your name - Save again - Done


  1. This is stunning!! Thank you so much hun. xox Jessica