Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Irish Babe - PTU

I am using the art of aLDoDArK which you can find HERE
I am using the PTU Scrapkit An Irish Jig by Foxy's Designz which you can find HERE
Mask of Choice
Font of Choice

Filters Used:
Xero - Fritillary - Default
Alien Skin Xenofex - Constellation - Default - Check keep original image
Xero - Porcelain - Set blue to 0 - Default

Open a new image 600x600
Open Element 25 and paste as a new layer - Resize by 60 - Sharpen
Position in the centre
Click inside with your magic wand - Selections - Modify - Expand by 6
Open Paper 9 and paste as a new layer
Open your tube and position - Duplicate and hide for now
Selections - Invert - Delete on both the tube and paper layers - Select None
Move under the frame
Unhide the duplicated tube and erase the overhanging parts
Apply Porcelain at the settings above
Click on the paper layer and apply the filters above
Open Element 8 and paste as a new layer - Resize by 50 - Sharpen
Position behind the tube layers
Open Element 37 and paste as a new layer
Resize by 40 - Sharpen and position on the top right of the frame
Duplicate - Position Below the original - Merge Down
Duplicate and position on the left side of the frame
Open Paper 11 and paste as a new layer
Send to the bottom and apply a mask of choice - Merge Group
Add drop shadows to your layers - Merge Visible
Add correct copyright and licence information - Merge Down
Save as a png - Add your name - Save again - Done

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