Monday, 3 May 2010

Stand Tall

I am using the art of Ismael Rac which you can find HERE This is an Exclusive Tube, please DO NOT use this unless you are allowed to do so I am using the PTU kit Easy Days by Stacey which you can find HERE Mask of Choice Font of Choice Open a new image 400x500 Open Bow Frame and paste on your Canvas Resize by 60 and place in the centre of your canvas Click inside all parts of the frame with your magic wand Selections - Modify - Expand by 3 Open Paper 3 and paste on your Canvas Selections - Invert - Delete - Select None Move under the frame Open the tube you are using Place in the frame - Resize if necessary Click in all the frames with your magic wand again Modify by 3 Selections - Invert - Delete - Move under the frame Un-hide the duplicates tube and send to the top Grab you eraser tool and erase any overhanging parts of the tube Open Popsicle and paste on your Canvas Resize by 30 and Sharpen More Place at the top left of your canvas Move below your tube Open Sun and paste on your Canvas Resize by 70 and place at the top Duplicate and send this under the first one Merge together and send to the bottom Open Paper 4 and paste on your canvas Send to the bottom and add a mask of choice Merge Group Add a drop shadow to every layer Merge layers visible Add correct copyright and licence numbers Done!

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