Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Pink n Black

I am using the art of Keith Garvey which you can find HERE I am using the FTU kit Springie by Jenny which you can find HERE Mask of Choice Font of Choice Open a new image 400x500 Open Frame 1 and paste on your canvas Resize by 70 and sharpen Grab your Freehand Selection tool and draw around the ribbon on the frame Adjust - Hue and Saturation - Colorize Hue 245 - Saturation 245 Click inside both parts of the frame with your magic wand Modify by 3 and paste Paper 5 on your canvas Resize by 50 - Sharpen Selections - Invert - Delete - Select None Move under the frame Click inside the frame again - Open your tube - Resize if necessary Duplicate - Hide for now Delete on your tube layer and move under the frame Un-hide the duplicate Grab your eraser tool and erase any overhanging parts Open Flower 2 on your canvas Send to the bottom and add a mask of choice - Merge Group Open sparkles 2 and resize by 80 Send above the mask layer and sharpen Open flower 1 and paste on your canvas Resize by 20 and then by 80 - Sharpen More Colorize using same settings as before Place on the top left of the frame Duplicate and place below - Merge Down Open bug 1 and mirror Paste on your canvas - Resize by 10 and then by 50 - Sharpen More Place on the ribbon Add a drop shadow to every layer Merge layers visible Add Correct Copyright and Licence Numbers Done!

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