Saturday, 3 October 2009

Tut number 20!!!! - Guaglione Bathtime Fun

I am using the art of Marco Guaglione which you can find HERE Please do NOT use this image unless you have the right licence to do so, you can get one HERE Scrapkit i used is called Bathtime Fun by Tiny which is no longer available Scrapkit of Choice Font of Choice Open new image 500x500 Copy n Paste paper18 as a new layer Copy n Paste the flooring as a new image - I resized mine by 110% Open up bathtub1 and resize by 40 Place this on the left hand side of the flooring Open up fishie2 and resize by 20 - Put this on the bathtub Open up window n curtain Resize by 80 and place in the middle of the canvas Open up clouds and resize by 30 Place these under the window Open up the moon - resize this by 30 and place above the clouds Open up the bubbles and resize by 40 Place these above the bathtub but below the window Layers - Duplicate and place at the top of the window Open your tube - Place at the fromt of your canvas - If you're using the same as me - i resized her by 80 Open the puddle swirl and resize by 40 - Place this at an angle at the front of the bath Layers - Duplicate and resize by 80 Place this under your tube and below the other swirl Give everything a drop shadow Open the Font and enter your name - give it a deep drop shadow so it shows up Add correct copyright and licence numbers Crop if necessary Thats is - your all done!

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