Friday, 9 October 2009

Punk Princess

I am using the art of Elias Chatzoudis which you can find HERE Please do NOT use this image unless you have the correct licence to do so, you can get one HERE I am using the gorgeous FTU kit Punky Princess by Marta which you can find HERE Font of Choice Mask of Choice 3 tubes by the same Artist Open up new image - 500x500 Open up frame4 - Copy n Paste on the canvas Image - Resize by 40 Image - Rotate - Left by 30 Layers - Duplicate - Image - Mirror Merge these layers together Click inside both of the frames Selections - Modify - Expand by 6 Copy n Paste paper4 from the kit Selections - Invert n then delete Move under the frames layer Click the frame layers again, selections - expand by 6 Open up your first tube - resize if needed - selections - Invert - Delete Move under the frame layer but above the paper layer Repeat this with your 2nd frame with a different tube Open your main tube and place her between the frames Open up bow 2 - Copy n Paste on the canvas Resize this by 30 and place between the frames Open up paper7 and paste at the bottom of your canvas Use mask of choice - Merge group I reduced the opacity to 80 but its up to you! OK, Add anything else you may like Give everything a drop shadow Add all correct copyright n licence numbers Merge all layers visible Crop if needed Done!!

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