Monday, 19 September 2011

Pretty Witchy - PTU

I am using the art of Sue Miller which i purchased whenshe was at MyTagArt and you can now find her HERE I am using Dark Kat Kreationz part of the HUGE collab Pumpkins and Candy by the awesome designers of Heartbeatz Creationz and you can find that HERE Mask of Choice Font of Choice Open a new image 700x700 Open Element 32 and paste on your canvas Position in the centre of your canvas Click inside with your magic wand Selections - Modify - Expand by 4 Open Paper 5 on your canvas Position inside the frame Selections - Invert - Delete - Keep Selected Open your tube and paste as a new layer Position - When happy - Duplicate and hide for now Selections - Invert - Delete - Select None Move both the paper and tube layer under your frame Unhide the duplicated tube Use your eraser tool to erase the overhanging bits of the tube Open Element 19 and paste as a new layer Resize by 90 and sharpen Send to above the paper layer Layers - Duplicate - Image - Mirror - Merge Down Using your eraser tool, erase the roots of the trees Open Element 16 and paste as a new layer Resize by 40 and Sharpen Image - Mirror - Position on the bottom left of the frame Open Element 23 and paste as a new layer Resize by 40 and Sharpen Position on the gravestone Duplicate - Place next to the original and move down Open Paper 1 and paste as a new layer Send to the bottom and apply a mask of choice Merge Group Apply drop shadows to your layers Merge together Add your correct copyright and licence numbers Merge Visible - Save as a png - Add your name - Done

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