Saturday, 2 April 2011

Push the Button - FTU

I am using the art of Marie, this tube is called Samy and you can find her HERE I am using a gorgeous FTU kit by Candy's Treat's called Missy which you can find HERE Mask of Choice Font of Choice This is a quick copy and paste tut, feel free to use my tut as a guide and let your mojo run free! Open a 700x700 image Copy and Paste Frame6 as a new layer Resize by 95 and Sharpen Position to the centre and move down a little bit Click inside your frame with the magic wand Modify by 3 Find Block1 in the paper file Copy n Paste the paper on your canvas Selections - Invert - Delete Move this layer under your frame layer Effects - Texture Effects - Blinds W - 8 O - 30 Horizontal Colour - Dark Grey - OK Open Brad1 and paste on your canvas Resize by 125 and Sharpen Place on the top right of your frame Open the tube you are using Place on the left hand side of the frame Position so that her hand is placed on the brad If there are any overhanging bits Duplicate and hide the tube for now Click inside the frame with your magic wand Modify by 3 and Invert - Delete Move under the frame layer Unhide the duplicated tube and erase any bits you dont want showing Open Swirl Copy and Paste on the paper layer Move to the right and position Grab your magic wand Click inside the frame Modify by 3 and delete on the swirl layer Open Folded Paper1 and paste on your canvas Resize by 50 and sharpen Place on the right hand side on the frame Open Circle2 and paste on your canvas Place to the left and duplicate Image - Mirror Merge down Send to the bottom Open Paper6 and paste on your canvas Send to the bottom and apply a mask of choice Merge Group I resized mine by 110 and then sharpened Add all correct Copyright and Licence Information Add ya name Save as a png Done!

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