Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Emo Girl

I am using the gorgeous art of Marie @ Skyscraps which you can find HERE I am using the PTU now FTU kit Emo Girl also by Marie and you can find this HERE Font of Choice Mask of Choice Filters used: Xero Radiance This is a quick and easy tut, hope you enjoy!! Open a new image 600x600 Copy and paste your main tube and place in the centre of your canvas Duplicate twice Move one ot these copies to the left of your tube and the other to the right Move down a little bit Merge the two duplicated tubes together and move under the original tube Lower the opacity a little Hide your original tube for now Apply a mask of choice and merge group Duplicate this layer and merge down Unhide the original tube and position in the centre again Apply Xero - Radiance at the settings you choose I used 82,50,94 and 33 Open Paper 8 and paste on your canvas Send to the bottom and add a mask of choice Merge Group Open Bracket 2 and paste on your canvas Resize by 60 and Sharpen Place to the left of the tube Use your deform tool to angle it Duplicate the Bracket and Mirror Use your deform tool to angle it aswell Merge Down Open Skullhead 2 and paste on your canvas Resize by 60 and sharpen Place this on the pointy bit of the bracket Duplicate - Mirror and position Merge down Open Deco2 I recoloured mine to pink to suit the tube Resize by 30 and then by 80 - Sharpen Place on all 4 corners of the bracket Merge these layers together Open Wordart 1 and recolour if you wish Resize by 80 - Sharpen Move to the bottom of the canvas so it looks as if the tube is behind Add drop shadows of choice Merge layers visible Add correct copyright and licence numbers Done!

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  1. So amazing!!!! I love it!

    thanx u so much hun!!! Sorry i can't post on ur chichat box cuz for some reasons i can't see them with artisteer blog.. (i'm on a mac)