Monday, 12 July 2010

Love is Pretty

I am using the art of Sharron Wiley which you can find HERE Please do NOT use this unless you have the right licence to do so I am using the PTU kit Be Mine Minikit by Bella Scarto Scraps, which i got from Just4Taggers which is now closed, but the kit is available at Twilight Scraps Font of Choice This is a very quick Tut! Open a new image 400x500 Open the tube you are using Resize if necessary Place in the centre of your canvas Open Element 4 Resize by 60 - Sharpen Place under the tube Position so it looks as if she is sitting on it Open Element 7 and paste on your canvas Resize by 40 and Sharpen more Place to the right and duplicate Mirror and merge these layers down Open Element 17 and paste on your canvas Resize by 30 - Sharpen I pasted mine on the frame with the tube but its up to you! Open Element 20 Image - Mirror Resize by 30 - Sharpen More Place towards the top of the canvas Open paper 8 and ppaste on your canvas Send to the bottom Crop your tag and save Add a Drop Shadow to every layer Merge layers visible Add Correct Copyright and Licence Numbers Merge All Done

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