Saturday, 30 April 2011

Hungry Eyes

I am using the art of Orkus Art This is an exclusive tube made for Taggers Den I am using template #1 made by Foxy which you can find HERE on the Taggers Den Blog I am using Kandi's Mask 5 which you can find on her blog HERE Font of Choice Filters Used: Xero - Fritillary - Default Settings Toadies - Ommadawn 17, 16, 234, 17 Penta - Dot and Cross - Default Eye Candy 4 - Gradient Glow Open the template Shift - D to duplicate and delete the original Delete the background layer and the copyright layer Click inside number 4 with your magic wand Selections - Modify by 2 Layers - New raster layer Using a colour from your tube floodfill the layer Delete number 4 Apply Fritillary Click inside number 5 with your magic wand Modify by 2 and add a new raster layer Floodfill with a another colour from your tube Erase number 5 Apply Dot and Cross Click on number 1 with your magic wand Repeat the steps above floodfilling with a colour from your tube Apply Fritillary Click on number 8 with your magic wand Modify by 2 Add a new layer and floodfill with a colour from your tube Selections None Delete number 8 Apply Gradient Glow on White 3 Position your tube, dulicate and hide the duplicated one for now Apply Ommadawn, default Lower the opacity to about 75 Unide the duplicated tube and add a drop shadow I added some WordArt Add the correct copyright and licence numbers Add your name Save as a png n you're done!

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